Do you know why people attend conferences and business events? Well, there are two reasons, networking, and speakers.

Yet, people give very little importance to hiring the best speakers for their events. Often companies are on a pre-set budget and cannot afford to hire a well-known speaker or they want to hire someone who can work for free. But mismanagement of speakers can result in poor events and bad relationships with future prospects.

If you are struggling to find the right speaker for your next event, top event planning companies can help. They often have good contacts and make it easy for businesses to contact experienced speakers.

To secure a speaker that will keep your attendees engaged, you can use the following tips.

  • Call for Proposals

When looking for an emcee, give the potential candidates an opportunity to submit their proposals. This will give you a chance to choose from a pool of speakers. However, if you are looking for one of the best speakers, you need to have a well-planned strategy to attract the right candidates.

Asking for a proposal is often seen as a smart way to discover fresh talent without spending a fortune. If you have already hired a reputed keynote speaker, you can use the open call to fill the roster.

  • Survey the Attendees

Another great way to find a great speaker is to ask the attendees who they would like to see at the next event or the conference. Surveying the attendees will increase your business credibility as the attendees will feel the company really care about them and want them to play an important role in the event.

When you ask for open proposals, you will receive a large number of applications from potential candidates. Even if you choose a speaker of your choice, asking the attendees will give you an insight in to the type of speaker they want to perform during an event.

  • Speaker Database

There are plenty of websites that give you a chance to sort and filter through thousands of speakers based on their experience, specialist, and topic.

However, some of these sites charge a subscription fee or commission to use. Moreover, as these websites are easily available to everyone, chances are your competitors may also be hiring the same speaker which you choose for your event. However, these websites give you access to an unlimited pool of talented speakers.

  • Social Media

Different social networks like YouTube, Slideshare, and LinkedIn give you an opportunity to find professional speakers. Different social media channels can be used to identify the right speaker and build a profile of your audience to see who they follow. This makes it easy to find an ideal speaker.

Event Planning Companies To Your Rescue

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