Are you planning to hire business event managers? Did they just ask you to incorporate videos in the promotion of your event? Thinking, “Are videos important for the success of your business event?”

According to Cisco, by 2020, online videos will make up for more than 80 percent of consumer internet traffic. This data indicates the importance of using videos for your upcoming event.

When it comes to promoting an event, videos are incredibly effective; however, incorporating them can be intimidating for some. You want to put out videos that look professional and polished but do not have the required experience. This is when business event managers can help.

Here are four reasons why you should use videos for your upcoming event.

  • Videos Are Often Low Cost

    While hiring a videographer can cost you a lot of money to document the entire event, but you don’t need to hire a professional to document the event. As the camera quality of iPhones and other smartphones are getting better with each release, it becomes easier to shoot your own footage. It is also feasible to take the video footage and still shots and design event-specific template.

  • Increase Your Reach

    Want to reach out to your potential audience and engage them with your business? Covering the event can help you reach out to your potential audience who were not able to attend the event. It gives them a chance to experience the event firsthand and make them feel a part of the event.

    There are over 2.23 billion monthly users on Facebook and with such a large user base, you can easily target your audience.

  • Promote Without Being Over-Promotional

    One of the biggest advantages of videos, as suggested by business event managers, is that videos let your showcase your event without being pugnacious. The videos can be used to advertise your next event, encouraging your audience to purchase tickets.

    Through videos, you are showing your potential customers that you organize an enjoyable and engaging event without being overly promotional about your event.

    YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Instead of documenting the whole event, you can upload an edited version of the initial video as people are more interested to watch the highlights of the event. This makes it easier for prospective customers to get familiar with your business.

  • Increase Customer Conversion

    Video coverage of the event helps convert more customers. Using videos to promote your event, give the potential customers a chance to learn why they should attend your next event. Videos also provide a better opportunity to analyze the success of the event.

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