We realise that sponsorship and exhibition revenue can play a big part in the overall financial success of an event. As a result, we have a dedicated team who work just on this area of the conference, from creation of the prospectus to delivery of package inclusions.

Alongside the organising committee, our team creates a database of current and potential sponsors, as well as sourcing our own. Our sponsorship and exhibition team have strong research skills which allows them to uncover new leads and possibilities to procure new exhibitors and sponsors, whilst retaining existing ones.

We manage the safe bump-in and bump-out of our exhibitors and are always on-hand to provide them with support. We work with some amazing exhibition companies to make sure that the onsite experience exceeds the expectations of your sponsors. We treat them like gold, understanding the value of partnerships. Our commitment is to deliver exemplary service on your behalf and a great ROI for sponsors and exhibitors.