I was the convenor of ACE 2019.  I’m emailing to say thanks for partnering with us to organize the event, and also to pass on how happy we were with having Helene and Samantha as the conference organisers.  They did an excellent job in all regards – Being able to draw on their  experience with ACE (and other conferences) was extremely helpful for getting the processes right and for advice on how to do things, but at the same time they were always 100% responsive to fitting in with particular things we wanted for ACE this year.  Before the conference all the processes worked well and things were done by the dates needed – We were especially happy with some aspects like the conference logo and system for dealing with submitted papers.  At the conference itself I can’t speak highly enough of the effort that both Helene and Samantha put in to  make sure everything ran smoothly, and how friendly and efficient they were at dealing with the conference delegates – There are so many details that need to be taken care of but there wasn’t a single problem in the whole conference.  I’ve already recommended Leishman and Helene/Samantha to Paul Blacklow who is organizing ACE in 2021.