6th Australian Women's Health Conference- 2010

Many thanks to you and your team for all your wonderful work on the conference, Paula. Surely beyond the call of duty! Everyone I spoke with was very impressed with it all. Regards, Morven Andrews | Manager, Papulation Health Equity, DHHS Tasmania

Dear Paula, Thank you again for the tremendous conference job you and your staff did - I got nothing except positive feedback, and lots of it. Well done. All the best, Gwen. Gwen Gray | Convenor, Australian Women’s Health Network

Dear Paula, WHAT A CONFERENCE, best I've ever been to & so well organised!
Many thanks & thanks for a fantastic conference. Regards, Chris Vye |
Community Nurse Manager, Esperance Community Health

Hello Paula, That was one of the best organised conferences I have known.  Thank you and your staff for a marvelous job. Kind regards, Cathy Wheel | Women's Health Loddon Mallee

Australasian Society for the Study of Intellectual Disability- 2009

Dear Paula, On behalf of myself, Darryleen and the organising committee of the 44th ASSID Conference, I would just like to extend our most sincere thanks to Andrea, Renee, Jennifer and yourself for the amazing effort in the coordination of everything for the duration of the conference.
I would further like to thank everyone at Leishman's for the untiring effort that went in
to making our conference such a success. The feedback I have had so far has all
been extremely positive... From the time of the initial interviewing for potential conference managers, you and your team have been extremely approachable and always a pleasure to deal with...
I don't believe I could speak highly enough of the extraordinary conference manager
you have in Andrea. Her dedication to ensuring that everything ran smoothly and the
effortless manner in which she dealt with things when there were minor issues was
remarkable. Once again, please accept our enormous thanks for a fantastic effort from everyone at Leishman's which went to making our conference such a success. I could not recommend your organisation highly enough to anyone wanting an experienced, professional and friendly conference management team.
Regards, Craig Jones | Co-convener, 44th ASSID Conference

Australian Institute of Project Management - 2009

Dear Paula, thank you to you and your wonderful team for a fabulously organised conference. I enjoyed the business interaction and the social events provided a beneficial and relaxing way to network and meet up with close colleagues. Regards, Chivonne Watt | Conference Presenter

Environmental Excellence Awards - 2009

Dear Paula, On behalf of the Environment Division and the Minister, I would like to thank you for your invaluable assistance in securing sponsorship and managing the dinner for the 2009 Tasmanian Awards for Environmental Excellence.
The Awards were very successful this year, and the Dinner itself was a huge success... None of this could be achieved without your assistance... Once again, thank you for your assistance and continued involvement with the Awards. Yours sincerely, John Mollison |Deputy General Manager

Australasian Association for Institutional Research - 2009

Dear Brigitte, I would just like to say a special thank you for all your work during the past year preparing for the AAIR forum. There is no way the event could have gone ahead without your tireless attention to detail and keeping the subcommittee informed about how things were going. The actual event went extremely well which also had a lot to do with your efforts. Kind regards, Andrea | Project Manager, Cognos Migration

Dear Brigitte, Thank you for all your assistance... at the conference. Everything was beautifully and calmly organised and I know that only happens with an awful lot of hard work behind the scenes! Kind Regards, Maureen Wood | Director, HEIMS Business Operations 

Choice Aggregation Services Platinum Achievers Conference - 2009

Hi Paula, Michelle and I both wanted to thank you and your teams for a wonderful conference! The venue was excellent, the speakers were both educating and knowledgeable. The contacts we made, we know will help our business grow. It was a great mix of business and pleasure Paula, we know these things don’t miraculously come together, so to you and your team a big thank you for a sensational experience! Regards, Lee & Michelle | Conference Delegates

Aviation Medical Society of Australia and New Zealand - 2009

Hi Paula, I can only say that Vanuatu, the resort, the entertainment, the food, and most importantly, the people (old friends and new) were absolutely fabulous. I have no complaints whatsoever, except perhaps that there was too much good food! Thanks for helping bring this off, I can truly say that this was one of the most pleasurable conferences I have ever attended, in part because of your good work. Best regards, Petra | Conference Delegate and Presenter

Choice Aggregation Services State Conference - 2009

Hi Brigitte and Teal,  I just wanted to say thank you for your marvelous work over the days of the Queensland conference. It was a pleasure to work with you both, and I had a great time, as you had everything so under control. I also have to say that the room looked spectacular on Friday night, you captured the era so well. Looking forward to doing it all again next year. Regards, Santina Schilling

Vocational and Applied Learning - 2009

Hi Renee, Just a quick note to thank you for all of your help regarding the conference last week; simply magnificent. It must be a challenge to bring such an event together, it was certainly a success for all who attended.  Hope you are having a well earned rest; thanks for all of your efforts, very much appreciated. Kind Regards, Martin Stalker


Good afternoon, On behalf of The Brokerage I would just like to thank Paula and the Leishman-Associates team for a wonderful inaugural National Conference. You guys are truly world class in your conference management, organisation and professionalism.   Your hard work, dedication and friendliness was appreciated and noticed. Hobart truly is an amazing conference destination and really worked well. The venues were appropriate and amazing and everything regarding the conference really fell into place ... thank you!   I'm looking forward to talking with you in the upcoming months regarding the 2009 conference.  
Kind regards,   Matt Mitchener | Head of Marketing

Dear Paula, Renee and team,   On behalf of the Australian Primary Principals Association thank you for all your excellent work in ensuring that our conference was a great success.   I know the organisation that goes into running such an event and we felt you did an excellent job.We really appreciated the fact we were consulted prior to and throughout the conference and the fact our requests were always met with a smile. Renee the location of our booth was a stroke of genius as we had hundreds visit us and many used it as their base.It was this sort of response that was really appreciated by us.........we needed a new location for another booth and one was found and organised for us.   The sponsors were delighted with the conference and we were most impressed with the way they were treated. Happy sponsors are very good for our organisation!   The feedback so far has been very positive and this has to be due to everything running smoothly and efficiently.I have attended conferences where the feedback has been negative because of the poor organisation, or problems with the food etc. These issues are important as I'm sure you know.   So well done and congratulations..........you should all feel very proud of yourselves.   Regards Leonie Trimper | President, Australian Primary Principals Association

Morning Paula   A GREAT meeting! Only had positive feedback.   Sincere thanks to you and your staff with the organisation of this event. If you want a testimonial in a letter please let me know.   Kind regards Barney

From:   Langley, Steven 
Sent:   Friday, 24 August 2007 4:49 PM
To:     xxxxxxxx@worldskills.org.au '
Subject:        Conference & Events Management

The purpose of this email is to say that if at any time you have need to organise an event or conference and are seeking a reliable conference manager I suggest that you won't find a better organisation than Leishman Associates, a Hobart based Conference & Events Management company.

Outside of my CIT responsibilities and currently Worldskills, one of the other hats I  wear is that of President of the ACT Branch of ATEM (http://www.atem.org.au) and  currently the Chair of the Organising Committee for the TEMC (Tertiary Education Management Conference) 23-26 September, 2007 ( http://www.temc.org.au/2007/).  Leishman Associates, have been engaged by ATEM to manage three ( and I think maybe four) consecutive annual TEM conferences. Over the years I have dealt with several Conference Management Companies and I'm pleased to say that Leishman Associates (www.leishman-associates.com.au) leave the others "for dead".

Leishman's staff, and in particular Janine Arnold and Renee Brown, are very reliable and professional and are a pleasure to work with.  I can strongly recommend them.

Regards, Steve

Hi Paula
Thank you for your unwavering support throughout the conference over the last few days and many weeks before! It has been an incredible experience to be part of the cogs that helped make the conference possible. I take my hat off to you and your team... for creating a seamless event. The word seamless has been used by many people throughout the weekend. The collegiate girls were absolutely beautiful and the choice of song ‘Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree’ was wonderful!

Take care  and hopefully some rest for you.

Warm wishes
Anna Jones
Reggio Emilia - Landscapes of Possibility Conference

Leishman Associates organisation of SCAR/COMNAP 2006.
The organisation of SCAR/COMNAP 2006 was a complex technical operation as it consisted of so many individual events over a 12 day period, including the 2nd SCAR Open Science Conference (OSC), the Symposium of the COMNAP Standing Committee on Antarctic Logistics and Operations (SCALOP) and the SCALOP trades exhibition, research planning and business meetings of SCAR scientific bodies, the XVIIIth meeting of COMNAP Working Groups and Committees, the XXIXth meeting of SCAR National Delegates and six evening social events. A number of associated Antarctic meetings and workshops were also held before and after the official SCARXXIX/COMNAPXVIII meeting period, organisation of which was also the responsibility of the Local Organising Committee (LOC). The success of such a complex meeting structure was dependent upon close liaison between steering committees, who held the vast body of academic knowledge about Antarctic Science and logistics, and the Conference organisers, Leishman Associates, who held the expertise in conference management. The LOC identified a strong need to engage a professional company with a high level of ability in conference organisation in the early stages of planning. Through a highly competitive Australian Government open tender process, Leishman Associates were chosen as the successful tenderer, their application illustrating their proven ability to deliver successful outcomes within tight budgetary and time constraints and within a project management framework acceptable to the level of corporate governance required by the Australian Government.

From the time of engagement, Leishman Associates worked tirelessly to ascertain the breadth of the conference requirements, to organise every minute detail of all aspects of the conference and to deliver a polished, internationally acclaimed event that has resulted in Australia setting an exceptionally high benchmark for subsequent biennial conferences. At all times, the team at Leishman Associates acted in a professional and capable manner, often delivering outcomes well above the expectation of the LOC, and maintaining the focus and drive to deliver these outcomes on time, despite intermittent waning of interest from the LOC. As the project manager, and the Australian Government employee charged with the responsibility of delivery of such a complex meeting, I am acutely aware of the integral part that Leishman Associates played in its successful staging. Their gracious, calm and methodical approach afforded me a rational workspace in an environment that was otherwise chaotic and consumed with external pressures associated with the organisational aspects of this conference. Internationally, the conference was viewed as the most successful to date, with accolades from many of the key members of the organisations involved. It is certainly my opinion that this success would have been impossible without the skilful involvement of Leishman Associates and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them for the organisation of any event.

Kate Kiefer
Project Manager
Australian Antarctic Division

Dear Denise, Ian & Kate,
Just a quick note to congratulate you on how well the SCAR/COMNAP web page is functioning. I found submitting my abstract to be a complete breeze and everything about the site reflects that there is a group of slick professionals behind the scenes.
I just wish you weren’t so successful as I believe I will now have a substantial number of other abstracts to read and grade!
700+ abstracts for a mid-winter Hobart conference - well done!
Dana Bergstrom, Australian Antarctic Division

Paula, Many thanks for the note and I look forward to seeing the photos in due course.
Can I just say that, from my point of view as President of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling, I felt you and your entire team did our organisation proud, and made a huge contribution to making the conference the success that it undoubtedly was.
I would hope that all attendees last week had a memorable and enjoyable, as well as worthwhile time, and this was in no small way down to the excellent organisation and engaging approach displayed by your team.
You made us all feel welcome and relaxed, and that events were “in control” - no small feat when you’re dealing with a group of brewers and distillers, who have access to an open bar all week long!
Again many thanks for all your efforts on our behalf - in my book you set a standard which is truly “world-class”.
Best Regards,
Dr. F. Harry White, Director of Technical Compliance, Molson Coors


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