Office Infrastructure and Financials

Leishman Associates have fully serviced offices located at 113 Harrington Street in Hobart, Tasmania.

Office Structure

We operate using a Microsoft Windows environment. The system is fully networked. Software includes: MS Office, MYOB Accounting, Summit (a complete and integrated software package, based on a Microsoft platform, that handles all aspects of event and conference management including, delegate registration, financial data, related reporting including attendance and delegate history.)

A dedicated server, backed up daily with back up information stored off-site for extra protection of client data

Financial Security

Leishman Associates are experienced in completely managing the finances of projects with budgets ranging from $10,000 to in excess of $1 million. Strict monitoring of the event’s finances is paramount to the procedures that Leishman Associates operate under, with contingency plans available should unforeseen circumstances occur.

Financial Ability

Leishman Associates (formerly Leishman & Associates) have operated a business in Hobart since 1994. Our financial record is sound. We are represented by Accountants: Macquarie Accounting, Bankers: Commonwealth Bank, Hobart,

Leishman Associates carry the following current and ongoing insurance covers.
Professional Indemnity : Policy Number – 07MIS0504830
Insurer : CGU  Sum Insured : $ 10,000,000 per individual claim
Workers Compensation : Policy Number - HO 1869534 GWC
Insurer : QBE Mercantile Mutual.
Public Liability : Policy Number –SB9M400073
Insurer : GIO.   Sum Insured $20,000.000


For each engagement a standard service contract is drawn up between both parties. Details of scope of services, responsibilities, terms and conditions, financial terms and payment schedule.

Fees and Charges/Payment Schedules

Our approach in respect of fees and charges is flexible and we will negotiate a management fee for the total project, or work on a “per delegate” cost – whatever suits our client, and budget.

The management fee depends on the extent of our involvement in the conference, the number of delegates attending and the complexity of the program. The final fee and payment schedule would be negotiated following detailed discussions with you and the Committee about the exact services to be provided. If the budget allows, we generally require that payment is based on monthly instalments from the commencement of work.


Fees do not include disbursements for:-
Postage, telecommunication charges, photocopying, design and printing of stationery and conference materials, name badge holders, satchels and other conference materials, couriers and freight, travel and accommodation, bank and merchant fees.

Taxes & GST

10% GST is applied to our service fee.

Leishman Associates
113 Harrington Street
Ph: (03) 6234 7844
Fax: (03) 6234 5958
ABN: 22103078897